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 Balon del Sabato 

Everything is based on bargaining, the deal and often the unobtainable that Balon is there. It does not matter to have a precise idea...to Balon, you have to come to stop the daily routine, to do a tour of the folklore and the colors the most beautiful and interesting of our Torino.

This is the historical flea market of the City, since 1857.
Has gone through difficult periods, of which the newspapers were widely written, and now try to climb back under new management.
The Balon del Sabato it is held every Saturday from 07.00 to 17.00

It is open to professional operators and non-operators of the wits, artists, and musicians.
It is a mix of colors, scents and flavors.. it's a work dictated by the recovery of what Balon has been in the past, its history, its importance, its wealth of commercial and socio-cultural.


The market of Balon has now set in place a long time in the streets from piazza della Repubblica down to the Dora. In 1857, the "market of the cenci," after having been hosted in other streets and squares in turin, settled in this area. Held every Saturday and hosted feramiù and rag pickers, and from here derive the expressions of piedmont mercà dle pate or mercà of pui (the market of the cenci or of the fleas).

For more information on the history of the market of Balon:
Borgo Dora


The market of Balon today takes place in the streets of Borgo Dora, Cottolengo, Lanino, Mameli, the Ascent of the Hammer, and has the characters of a weekly fair well matched to those of the markets. The exhibitors are about 300 with 50 shops, open from Tuesday to Saturday. Walking through the streets we can find antiques, rigatteria, ethnic handicrafts, vintage, creativity, and simple used.


All these types attract a varied clientele that easily passes from the collector of rarities to the needy. The exhibitors are dealers, craftsmen, but also unemployed people, immigrants from non-european countries, students, pensioners, truck drivers, but also the doctor and the officer of the bank. In this corner is easy to find those who scavenge in the piles of used clothing, who is looking for the deal, the rarity, the object's curious that until recently stationed dusty and forgotten in the cellar and that Balon seems to be regaining life. Foreigners have now acquired an important role both as sellers and as customers. The sculptures of the crafts of Africa have their own charm and attract buyers, especially italians, in search of the exotic flavours.