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 Fuyou Market (Fang Bang Road Indoor Antique Market) 

Слева за западным входом в старый город находится рынок. Китайское название  福佑路工艺品市场,

Работает каждый день с 9 утра до 5 вечера. В выходные с 5 утра до 6 вечера, но разбегаться начинают в полдень.


Three floors of the market building are open daily from 9am to 5pm; the weekend market (on the third and fourth floors) runs from 5am to 6pm, but tapers off by noon.

If you like rummaging through lots of junk for the chance to find the rare real nugget, this is still the best place to do it in Shanghai.
Known as Fuyou Market (福佑路工艺品市场), by a few, or more popularly known as Shanghai Old Street Market, Fang Bang Road Indoor Antique Market. This favorite for weekend antique and curio hunting, located in the Cangbao Lou (building) at Fangbang Zhong Lu 457 and Henan Nan Lu (the western entrance to Shanghai Old St. in the Old Town Bazaar, Nanshi) is also called a "ghost market" because the traders set out their wares before sunrise (when only ghosts can see what's for sale).
Come as early as possible on Saturday or Sunday morning, preferably the latter, when vendors come in from the surrounding countryside. The goods are various and few are polished up; many of the items are from the attic or the farm, though increasingly also from some factory backroom that churns out modern pieces that are then scuffed up with mud to look old. Porcelains, old jade pendants, used furniture, Qing Dynasty coins, Chairman Mao buttons, old Russian cameras, Buddhist statues, snuff bottles, and carved wooden screens are just a few of the treasures here, none with price tags.

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