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 медицинские лампы 

# 00905IACEP173
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    Номер по каталогу:
    медицинские, фонарь
    Тип горючего:
    Франция, Brevete S.G.D.G.

    Ponzevera карбидная лампа для госпиталей. Широко использовалась во время второй мировой войны.

    Ponzevera lamp brand made ​​specifically for hospitals. The brand logo shown caduceus which wraps a snake.

    As Dr. Jean Belin emphasizes in his book: "Fight for Life: The Hôtel-Dieu de Clermont-Ferrand," operating rooms are equipped with generators acetylene during the Second World War to receive light very quickly if a power cut when very frequent. This type of device has also been used in ambulances or hospitals. Note the presence of a handle and a hook for hanging

    The advantage of these acetylene generators is that they operate through an immersion system. Carbide is contained in a basket that just dive into the water to immediately generate the acetylene.