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 шахтерский фонарь 

# 00182EAAEH9
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    шахтерские, фонарь
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    Ferguson lantern. Copper tag reads "Pat'd June 4, 1878, A. Ferguson, 65 Fulton St., N.Y." Entire lamp is clean, solid, original and nearly rust free. Pinch fount with brass burner is excellent. Interior reflector and front window are also flawless. Multiple rear clips relate to the various uses of this petite 8 1/2" tall lamp. Pohs' book "Mine Lights" on page 113 shows a miner wearing a Ferguson on his cap.
    Hunters and fishermen also carried or wore this lamp on their excursions. The patent Ferguson lantern is a rather unique design, and this one's about as clean as can be find.