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 Сhocolate factory and museum Alprose in Caslano 

Ooh, chocolate! In the chocolate factory and museum Alprose in Caslano on the shores of Lake Lugano you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about the sweetest of all Swiss traditions.

More than 400 years ago, Christopher Columbus was the first European to see a cocoa bean. Swiss chocolate makers turn them into delicacies such as truffles, cakes and mousse au chocolate.

At the chocolate factory Alprose in Caslano, established in 1957, there is a museum which presents the entire world of this sweet sin, from the very beginning to our days. Visitors can discover every aspect of this product: from historical backgrounds and individual achievements to the first production facilities and all the forms and varieties of chocolate that exist today.

Not only is the museum instructive, it also gives insight into the tradition of Swiss chocolate which is known all over the globe for its excellent quality. Indeed, chocolate bars, dragées and napolitains which are produced in the chocolate factory Alprose are delivered to every corner of the world.

From a footbridge in the inside the factory the visitors can assist the processing of chocolate from the first to the last step: the production of the liquid mass, its filling into the forms and finally the packaging. While watching these steps, one is surrounded by a seducing smell of chocolate.

The tour ends with a highlight: in the museum shop, visitors can taste a wide variety of Alprose’s products just as they like. And from the traditional chocolate bar to highly sophisticated creations, delicious specialities are sold in every form and size – obviously at special prices!

Alprose, Via Rompada 36
6987 Caslano
Tel.: +41 91 611 88 56
Fax: +41 91 606 51 85
Director: Petra Ferrazzini-Siegel

Location Alprose Factory, Caslano (Lugano)
Weekdays All year round, Mo-Fr, only on request
Length 2-3h
Group size 10-20
Price p.p. Museum: Adults CHF 3.-; Children 6-16 CHF1.-. From 10 partecipant: free of charge
Languages I/D/E