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Маленькая, но очень полезная книжка, в которой собрана информация по различным лампам.

The Book "Classic Lanterns" is the first glossy color guide to outdoor kerosene lighting of all types. Included are barn lanterns, contractor's lanterns, railroad, buggy, wagon, auto, boat, and street lanterns. The book includes a brief history of portable outdoor lighting from caveman to communist China. The three major eras of lantern development are each illustrated with 20 to 30 never before published photos and detailed descriptions of actual lanterns. The book begins with a chronological photographic history of outdoor lighting from the first use of fire to modern gas and battery powered lanterns. The book continues with de rigueur explanations of lantern operation, part definitions, and manufacturer's histories. Four chapters cover 1840 to 1897, 1898 to 1935, 1936 to the present, plus a chapter of foreign lanterns for comparison. One chapter is devoted to cleaning tips, restoration processes, painting techniques, do's and don'ts. Another chapter includes the first ever lantern condition evaluation guide, a quick reference price list, and what the author calls the Universal Lantern Value Calculator. This is an excellent beginner's book as will as a reference guide for the expert. The book is large format (8.5 x 11 inches), soft cover, and has a perfect binding. It has 144 pages printed on heavy, glossy paper. There are 76 glossy color photos, 135 black and white photos, 9 tables of information, and 62 illustrations.

The Author Dennis Pearson has the first Dietz Monarch he bought in 1970. Dennis discovered that kerosene lanterns are interesting, useful, decorative, and inexpensive. The shortage of detailed lantern information was such a frustration that he resolved to fill the void with this book. Dennis finds antique restoration is a relaxing change from his job as a radar engineer. He is an amateur photographer, videographer, and pretty handy with a computer. Dennis is in the process of restoring a 1926 Dodge Brothers screenside pick up using metal working and painting skills developed restoring lanterns. He has written several articles on antique restoration for hobby magazines. Dennis is very opinionated about preserving antiques for the future. He points out that this is the only book ever written by the light of a kerosene lantern, on a computer!